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DESCRIPTION: Rubilux Acrylic Wall Putty is a readymade Wall Putty based on water based Emulsion used to remove surface imperfections, fill up dents and to level the Interior plastered wall surface, asbestos, cement & etc, prior to priming. It provides Excellent Hardness / Adhesion and good Smoothness. It gives a film with Excellent Hardness and adhesion which will not crack or peal off on due course of time. The Smoothness rendered by Rubilux Acrylic Wall Putty will improve the performance of subsequent finish coats like Distemper, Plastic Emulsion Paint and etc. Rubilux Acrylic Wall Putty is available in Bright White Shade which can be tinted with Rubilux Universal Stainer. It is specially formulated for levelling of minor surface irregularities up to 3-4mm. It is only recommended for internal application

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