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Initiated our Company as a tiny cottage company , serves the Ancillary products of the coating industry with Primers and varnishes in the late 70’s. With the continuous effort from the inception, we developed our company with a focus more on BRAND awareness of the product in the paint market.

Ruby Paints

With continuous effort and good motivation from our dealers , we got BRAND RUBILUX in the late 80’s with the company RUBY PAINTS pvt. LIMITED. Now we become 30 year old company with rich experience in coating products covering industrial, domestic and architectural markets with technical advancement depend on individual requirements. Starting in 1979, our primary focus on the dealer market which served the needs of a diverse range of customers in the decorative and industrial segments over the past three decades. During this period, the company has changed with times and moved onto establish itself as a technologically strong indigenous company with emphasis on decorative and industrial caters .

Today, we are a Reputed Brand in the paint market with a domain and having strong emphasis on customer support ,service and development of product and providing solutions to Builders , promoters and architects related to coating problems. We manufacture a range of primers, Finish coats depends on the type of surface for protective and luxury finishes.

To support and serve the entire market of Tamilnadu, we are covering with our sales point by having company owned 6 sales depot covering entire state .sales activity includes customer requirement with consumer satisfaction, service with minimum lead time and continuous brand awareness and developing brand equity to the end consumers. Being a small scale Industries with our own R&D facility, we have unique capability of manufacturing small quantities with accent on specific attributes of customers' choice and deliver within short duration.